Why do you need a sourcing agent in China

Everything is easier than you think

Buying goods from China and choosing from the wide variety of items is a huge project. If there’s a solution for you that you just need to tell some professionals your sourcing request, then sit back and relax, let them do the rest. Doesn’t it sound great?

The work will be done for you

To cooperate with a sourcing agent based in China, you can get the best price directly from factory. They will do factory audit for you and inspect product quality before shipment. They will negotiate with the factory on your behalf, follow up the production and ensure product quality.

We will do whatever is necessary

Regularly, services given by sourcing agents will cover market survey, seller/provider selection, bargain price, quality affirmation, quality control, pre-positioning of raw materials, logistics and transportation, pre-shipment inspections, custom clearance, and so forth.

It is worth trying once and we will become partners for a long time

I can tell you story after story of bad situations of entrepreneurs and companies that encountered negative responses in trying to do business in China by themselves. There are many. This is where you need and should want to make sure your product is safe and protected. A reputable China sourcing company is “the” answer. There are a few but at least start with Binjia.

Can we help you?

Contact us now, we are available to provide optimal supply-chain, order fulfillment and logistics services to meet your business needs.

The first time we ordered goods from China. At the last moment, we decided to read reviews about transport companies and decided to contact BINJIA. The guys helped a lot in paying for the goods in RMB. From the moment of payment, all the time they reported info about our cargo, where he sent photos. I was also pleased that the guys were always in touch and quickly answered all our questions. Delivered on time. We really enjoyed working with BINJIA. We will continue to work further!

Michael Groove
Purchasing Manager, Aqua Tech