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BINJIA provide specialized services for the supply chain, order fulfillment, and logistics management from China to Europe and Worldwide for our customers in the automotive business. We help to improve automotive parts and accessories availability and order accuracy. We offer services that ease the complex supply-chain requirements in the distribution of spare parts and accessories. We supply products such as:

  • Body Kits
  • Wheel rims and tires
  • Lighting
  • All types of glass
  • Various auto electronics

And many other details with which you can find in our CATALOG.

BINJIA offer a huge number of trusted suppliers of kits and accessories, with the assortment of which you can synchronize your resource.

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BINJIA is a reliable partner who has many years of experience in the field of professional car tuning, and is specialized in selling a wide range of all kinds of tuning items from China to Europe and around the world.

BINJIA has direct contact with manufacturers. And this means that we always have low prices and delivery of goods as soon as possible. We have established cooperation with carrier companies so that each buyer finds the best delivery method for himself anywhere in the world.

The principle of our shop is based on an individual approach to each client, which allows you to make a purchase of tuning for your car in the most convenient and fast way. The site has many ways to contact our managers. If you have any question, you can call us, write to our Online chat or leave a request in the feedback form in the Contact  Us page.

The range of car tuning and accessories is constantly being updated. Every day new products are added to the catalog, which you can order in just a few clicks. We offer our customers the latest elements for car modernization.

Why Auto Parts From China?

According to experts, China is the only country in the world where spare parts are produced for almost all existing car models on the international market. Today, more then 10,000 enterprises produce auto parts in China, the country has been confidently leading the industry for many years. At the same time, Chinese auto parts manufacturers offer products that meet modern international standards and are distinguished by affordable prices. Chinese car parts are quality and reliability.

BINJIA will help establish direct contacts with Chinese partners and carry out the fast delivery of auto parts from China with minimal cost. Our highly qualified specialists will give advice on any questions regarding your order, select the appropriate manufacturer, check the production time and quality of the goods, calculate the optimal delivery methods, draw up customs documentation and help deliver the products to the destination. Chinese car parts will breathe life into your business!

Our Advantages


12 years in Automotive Parts and Accessories

Customer Oriented

Personal managers will assist you in all your needs 24/7

Marketing support

Our customers constantly receive favorable discounts and additional bonuses from manufacturers

Actual information

In real time, you are always informed about the availability of goods both in our wholesale warehouse and at suppliers.

High Qualify Products

We find and supply only the most reliable products that are time-tested.

Product Return Policy

We have a flexible policy in all the questions related to products return

Why Work With Us

Our services include buyers’ consolidation, cross-docking, packing design, inspection, inventory, and more. Our services are geared towards an optimized procurement, inventory, and shipment in a shortened cycle time. As well as the main points that we can always guarantee for our customers:

  • Professional and Regular work
  • Quality Control
  • Product Insurance
  • Full report before shipment









Our possibilities

High-quality work - thanks to the complete automation of the warehouse, nothing is lost
The increase in the volume of work of your business due to prompt receipt of information about the availability of spare parts
Exclusive prices
Daily shipments worldwide
Prepare documents for shipment in advance
Supply of auto parts for all types of cars, with the necessary supporting documentation

Our partners says

Questions you might have

Products Price range from $1 and depending on the type of product.

Service Price: Our service price ranges (Negotiable).

For more detailed information about the price, please contact us and we will provide you with a free consultation!

We always responsibly approach the task that the client sets before us. Transportation from China is a responsible business and requires the study of all the details. The more information a manager has, the more optimal the proposed solution will be.

We have vast experience in container transportation from China, and we know what documents are needed specifically for your transportation. We are ready to help in this matter: from compiling a list of documents to the moment of their production.

Sea-, air-, trucking – we will always help you choose the option that suits you best. For example, trucking from China – if you need a more economical option, or air – if the main thing for you is the deadline.

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